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RadarBox is a solution for tracking flights and flight information. Like other flight tracking providers, RadarBox24 places its information on a map. The data provided by RadarBox includes altitude, position, departure point, destination, flight number, aircraft type and speed of aircraft.

The company is located in Tampa Florida. It has a research and development center in Europe. RadarBox24 provides information on aircraft movements worldwide. The customers of this company include flight service providers on every continent.

Lufthansa aircraft: Radarbox makes these aircraft movements visible on a digital map.
Immediately after take-off, users can follow this aircraft live on Radarbox.

In addition to the information already mentioned, RadarBox24 also provides information on arrival and departure times and historical flight information. The technology behind RadarBox24 is also similar to that of other flight tracking providers.

ADS-B, MLAT and ADS-C are used. RadarBox24 – just like flightradar24 – has a worldwide network of volunteers who operate receivers and transmit data. The company reports that in January 2020 there were about 15,000 volunteers who contributed to the coverage of the service.

History of RadarBox24

Andre Brandao is the founder of RadarBox24. He founded the company in 2007. As a computer science engineer and aircraft pilot, he knows his way around the industry. Brandao knows exactly which information flight service providers are looking for and knows which information can be transmitted by airplanes.

The website which is located at the URL RadarBox24.com has been under constant development since 2007. The focus is on investments in the website, i.e. the provision of information. The company is also investing in the distribution of hardware products and the expansion of flight tracking worldwide.

According to the information provided by the company, more than 40,000 users use RadarBox24 flight tracking every day. The users come from over 150 different countries. RadarBox24 is a subsidiary of Airnav Systems LLC (established in 2001).

Flightradar Screen showing three aicrafts on radar.
This radarscreen displays the classical view when tracking flights.

How RadarBox24 works

RadarBox24 has released a software that can be installed on any PC. It enables users to receive flight information even without a connection to the web. This is achieved by means of a supplied antenna. The software program decodes the ADS-B signal of the aircraft. Only airplanes that transmit ADS-B signals can be detected by the RadarBox24. The information already mentioned above is transmitted (flight number, type of aircraft, altitude, speed, etc.)

The interesting thing about the haptic RadarBox or software system is that it can be used as a “standalone system” or in conjunction with other RadarBoxes. By default, there is a delay of about five minutes in the transmission of data. Real time data is however also available at the same time.

Illustration of the radar coverage of RadarBox24.
Coverage map of RadarBox, color-coded according to the flight radar technologies used.

The technologies that are used can also be structured according to the target area of data acquisition:

  • ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast)
  • MLAT
  • FAA SWIM (System Wide Information Management)
  • ADS-C
  • HFDL (High Frequency Data Link)

Various aircraft types can be identified with RadarBox24. The service also proposes a filter allowing you to see only a specific aircraft type of your choice the map. However, not all types can be shown separately. Here is a list of aircraft type families that are available as filter options:

  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A332
  • A333
  • A359
  • A388
  • AT75
  • AT76
  • B733
  • B734
  • B737
  • B738
  • B739
  • B744
  • B752
  • B763
  • B772
  • B77L
  • B77W
  • B788
  • B789
  • C172
  • C56X
  • CRJ2
  • CRJ7
  • CRJ9
  • DH8D
  • E145
  • E170
  • E190

Accuracy of Flight Tracking with RadarBox24

The service provider claims that RadarBox is the best and most accurate flight tracker in the world. RadarBox justifies this with special features inherent in this flight tracker. The ADS-B transponder, which is used in aircraft, transmits accurate data to the Airnav system. The ADS-B radio receivers process the signal. RadarBox claims to have more than 9,000 receivers installed worldwide. Work is also being done in conjunction with aeronautical engineering experts to improve the signal coverage of the signal receivers and the signal processing capability.

Screenshot of Radarbox: Already on the homepage the air traffic is displayed in real time.

RadarBox24 enriches the automatically collected information. For example, the data is directly linked to photos and photographic material of airplanes. Information on aircraft types also plays a role. This information is also linked to current tracking information and flows into the live display.

Nowadays, RadarBox24 also sells its ADS-B receivers as USB sticks. For only a few euros, anyone can purchase a stick. They can then transmit received flight data to RadarBox. RadarBox Flightstick is an ADS-B receiver with optimal performance. Those who share their flight tracking information via the stick with RadarBox can benefit from additional features. Some of the extra features available to the data transmitter when using this service include:

  • Alerts
  • Weather
  • Aircraft photos
  • Real-time Information (available at RadarBox24.com)

Users of the service expressed quite positive opinions. Use in conjunction with Raspberry Pi receivers in particular has been well received. For those interested, this video shows more:

Statistics about RadarBox24

The following statistics about Radarbox24 give an indication of the size and performance of the flight radar:

  • About 40,000 Users Daily
  • About 15,000 Volunteers
  • About 15,000 RadarBox Receivers Worldwide
  • Approx. 32,000 Airports
  • 200.000 Flights per Day
  • 6.000 Airlines
  • 445.000 Aircrafts and Helicopters
  • >12 Data Sources for Real Time Tracking
  • Visitors from 140 Different Countries
  • 39612 Airports from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe
A British Airways aircraft on the tarmac. Only after take-off are aircraft digitally visible on Radarbox.
British Airways: The flight movements of all aircraft of this airline can be tracked with Radarbox.

Conclusion on RadarBox24

RadarBox24 is definitely one of the leading suppliers of flight radars. You will find that the service runs smoothly – on the smartphone, both on the app and on the website, regardless of the device. We are excited to see what further developments of RadarBox can be envisioned for the future. What is certain is that the provider will have a major impact on the future of flight tracking.

Sources and Useful Links:

  • Radarbox in the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.airnav.radarbox&hl=de
  • Radarbox on the Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/radarbox-live-flight-tracker/id1382868950
  • The website of Radarbox24: https://www.radarbox.com/
  • Similar Services like RadarBox24 are:
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