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flyvista „For those who travel” – was a Georgian Airline operating from August 4th, 2014 until May 2015. Less than a year on the market flyvista followed ambitious plans. However, according to their website a Fleet-Size of only three aircrafts carried passengers to four destinations. Assumingly it was flyvista’s goal to claim a share in the growing low-cost-carrier market. However, the airline had a very short lifespan and was put out of business before it could celebrate its one-year anniversary.

Sadly the airlines aicrafts are not longer to be found on Flightradar24 or any other flightradar.

What flyvista said about themselves

As an introduction to visitors of their Website the company stated the following:

“flyvista is a low-cost carrier operating as a brand of Vista Georgia which is certified by Georgia’s civil aviation authority and follows its strict safety regulations. Starting in summer 2014, flyvista will be providing customers with safe and affordable scheduled flights to neighboring countries from its base in Tbilisi, Georgia. At flyvista the emphasis is not only on safety but also on providing its passengers with an enjoyable flight within its network. flyvista was established as the scheduled airline brand of Vista Georgia which is strategically partnered with Aerovista.” (Source:

flyvista was offensively communicating its status as a low-cost-carrier. Certified by Georgian aviation authorities it was a brand of Vista Georgia – a larger company specialized in air-service-businesses. flyvista stated to fly in accordance with international aviation safety requirements.  Since summer 2014, flyvista had been offering its customers affordable scheduled flights to the region from its base airport in Tbilisi, Georgia.

flyvista’s focus was not only on safety, but also on providing its passengers with comfortable flights within its network. The airline was founded as a regular airline that maintains strategic partnerships with Aerovista.

The Airlines Vision and Mission Statement

Although the byline of the brand flyvista was “For those who travel” its vision was translated into the following sentence:

We offer passengers pleasant, safe and airy flights at reasonable fares.

found on in 2014

Beying the airline of Aerovista integrated the company into a wider skillset:

  • Aerovista was a provider of leasing, charter and aircraft management solutions.
  • Since 1999, Aerovista has been working with regional and domestic airlines in the CIS, Middle East, Africa and Asian markets
  • Aerovista provided solutions that meet the specific aviation needs of its customers.

Flyvistas mission was summed up in the following bullets:

  • To be attentive and to actively adapt to the needs of our customers
  • Ensuring security priorities in all decision-making processes
  • Punctuality and comfort for passengers
  • Formation of a qualified team
  • Combination of low tariffs with low operating costs
  • Use of innovative principles and management techniques
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Strategic location of flyvista in Georgia

flyvista did not only offer flights but also promoted Georgia as a country of interest. Logically an airline located in Tbilisi must attract passengers to visit their “main hub”. This probably why flyvista promoted Georgias sights and landmarks in its communication:

With regard to Georgia statements a statement was:

“Georgia is a country that was founded on the basis of ancient civilisations; it is strategically located in the majestic mountains of the Caucasus, where a pleasant Mediterranean climate prevails. Georgia has a population of about 4.6 million people. The capital of Georgia is the beautiful and interesting city of Tbilisi.”

And at the same time the airline referred to Tbilisi this way:

Tbilisi is also a modern city; there is a wide range of accommodation and restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine and hospitality. The Georgians are among the most hospitable people in the world, which is reflected in their proverb “Every guest is sent by God”. The Georgians are a proud and freedom-loving people who value individuality and respect their traditions.

Morevover, general information on the country and its people was provided:

“More than 95% of Georgians are followers of various forms of Christianity (the predominant one being the Georgian Orthodox Church). There are many remarkable churches throughout the country, many of which are thousands of years old; don’t miss the opportunity to explore them.

Georgian cuisine is based on the contrast between spicy and spicy dishes and offers a unique gastronomic experience that varies according to the season. The dishes represent a balance between meat and vegetarian dishes, with the ingredients and spices reflecting what the gardens have to offer. The Georgians make fantastically delicious cheeses, especially Sulguni cheese, which occupies a prominent place in Georgian cuisine.”

Some of the most important sights of Tbilisi were pointed out as being:

  • National Museum of Georgia
  • Tbilisi State Conservatory
  • Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre
  • The state academic Shota Rustaveli Theatre
  • Kote Marjanishvili State Academic Theatre
  • Cathedral of Sameba
  • Narikala Fortress

Flyvistas Twitter-Account

The airlines account on Twitter is still up running. Due to the short time in service the communications via the social network were limited. However, some images provide an impression of the airline. The company described itself as this:

flyvista is a low-cost carrier operating international flights from its base in Tbilisi, Georgia

Found on Twitter

If you like more, please visit flyvistas Twitter-Account.

Why flyvista Ceased Operations

Two of the most important routes for the young airlines were

  • Tbilisi – Tehran (Iran) and
  • Tbilisi – Kiev (Ukraine)

When the Ukrainian crisis started with the Euromaidan protests the future for air-travel to and from Kiev grew became uncertain. Flyvista experienced less and less travelers from Kiev, due to the growing conflict between Russia and Ukraine during these times.

Another difficulty grew from within Georgia. The government rejected to provide visas on arrival in Tbilisi which possibly made it more difficult for travelers to visit the country.

Sadly, ever since flyvista had to close its gates, aicrafts of the airline are no longer found on any flightradar.

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