Tracking flights is easy with CasperFlights. The flight tracking provider focuses on European Airspace. CasperFlights Flightradar, like other flight radar providers, allows navigation using a map. In addition to current flight movements, airports are also displayed.


Tracking a flight is possible without any problems. Just click on an aircraft icon. CasperFlights offers a lot of information after the click. They include flight movements, photographs of aircraft, as well as information on the flight route, the departure of the flight and the estimated time of arrival.

Aircrafts are depicted by arrowheads on a map in the flight radar.
CasperFlights Displays Aircrafts in a very Simplified Way.

Unlike most other flight tracking providers, CasperFlights bases its technology on Adobe Flash Player. Downloading the Flash Player is a prerequisite for being able to track flights with this provider. However, it is likely that CasperFlights will have to change its flight tracking technology in the future. The operation of flight radar systems using Flash Player is outdated nowadays.

Tracking Flights with CasperFlights Flight Radar – No Longer Possible

The picture shows the user interface of Casper-Flights.
CasperFlights User Interface – To Track Flights using this tool, you must first download Adobe Flash Player.

Visitors navigating to the website will quickly realize that the website is no longer being updated. It appears the site operators have so far not succeeded in making flight tracking technically possible.

A British Airways plane at takeoff. Once these aircraft movements could be followed with Casperflights.
More impressive than the observation of airplanes by flightradar is only the observation live in the sky. Here: an airplane at takeoff.

There are probably only a few users who are willing to download the flash player. Furthermore, on closer inspection it quickly becomes apparent that no more work is being done on the site. The last message under “News” dates from August 2014 and CasperFlights is, as far as the website is concerned, one of the discontinued models of flight tracking.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. We would suggest RadarBox24, Flightradar24, Planefinder, RadarVirtuel or FlightAware.

A map excerpt showing the United Kingdom and Central Europe on the casperflights flight radar
Map View of CasperFlights Flight Tracker

Information about CasperFlights

CasperFlights is a Dutch service provider. The company is based in Haarlem. The website and the flight radar can be accessed at The company offers Live Aircraft Tracking in various languages. The language versions include:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • German
  • French

It appears that some kind of consolidation is taking place among flight radar providers. CasperFlights will definitely not be among the winners according to the current status. Rather, we should rather expect the service to soon be discontinued.

A Brussels Airlines plane on the ground. Casperflights no longer shows such aircraft movements on radar.
An aircraft on approach: Casperflights allowed users to follow these aircraft movements.
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