Flightradar Airlines

Many airlines make flight-tracking available by having an ADS-B-responder installed in each of their aircrafts. The responder pics up their exact position by satellite guided GPS and sends the signal to a ground-station. From there it is delivered to one of the flightradar-services, like Flightradar24, PlaneFinder or Radarbox. The result is an incredibly exact and detailed flight-radar-software, available for everyone around the globe.

Check out the flightradar on our Website and start tracking flights straight away.

Flighradar Airlines: This British Airways machine is shown on most radars.
British Airways – one of many airlines on flightradar

How to tack a specific airline.

All aicrafts are shown on a map. But you might be wondering how to find aicrafts from the airline of your interest. This is, where international aviation standards help. Every aircraft receives a unique registration number. If you have the registration number at hand simply search for it on one of the flightradar service pages. If your aircraft is in the air, this is how you should be able to find id.

Instead of a single aircraft, you might want to check on an airlines flight activity in real time (live). This is not as easy. By typing the airlines code into the search bar, all of their currently active flights will become available in a list. Pic one, which is of interest to you.

Yet another way to track the whole fleet of a specific airline at once is available on Radarbox. If you would be interested in all live flights from, lets say, Air China, your interest is served in a single view. Radarbox displays all flights of an airline on a world map.

Lufthansa is among the airlines to be found at flightradar.
Aicrafts from Lufhansa airline at flightradar

A list of all airlines available for flight tracking

Hundreds of airlines are in business worldwide. The amount of aircrafts each of them has in service varies from one to a few hundreds. A complete list of all airlines in service is difficult to keep up to date. Constantly some players leave the market, like Flyvista from Georgia or Citywing from the Isle of Man, while others enter it.

Airlines have come and gone throughout the years. Some are in service for a long time, others left the market again after only a couple of years.

Nevertheless, the following list provides an overview of airlines, starting with the letter “A” to provide an impression of the massive market of airlines around the globe.

A J Services Limited0AJA1024
AB Jets (USA)0FTD6709
ABC Air Hungary0AHU1124
Abc Bedarfsflug Gmbh0FTY125781
ABS Jets0ABP743771
ABSA Cargo AirlineM3TUS193801
Absolute Aviation0TTN808
Academy Airlines0ACD4815
Acef – Transportes Aereos E Cargas Lda0CFM2499
ACM Air Charter0BVR384973
Acropolis Aviation0CRV1363
ACT Airlines9TRUN23541
Action AirlinesXQAXQ9176
ADAC Luftrettung0CHX1098617
Adler Aviation Ltd0SWH7394
Adria Airlines SwitzerlandF7DWT717523
Adria AirwaysJPADR4847813
Advanced AirANWSN220957
Aegean AirlinesA3AEE16586839
Aeolus Air0AAZ10301
Aer LingusEIEIN27335064
Aerial Surveys ( 1980 ) Ltd0SUY26711
Aero 1 Prop-Jet0SSM32617
Aero Air0WIL846
Aero Benin Sa0AEB3560
Aero Calafia S A De C V0CFV77922
Aero Charter and Transport0CTA192592
Aero Charter Inc ( Chesterfield Mo )0GLT220546
Aero Charter Krifka Ges Mbh0KFK381
Aero Club De Portugal0CLP1294
Aero Contractors Company Of Nigeria LtdAJNIG140842
Aero Jet International0RVQ10849
Aero Lider S A De C V0LDR2699
Aero MongoliaM0MNG5034
Aero Services Executive0BES2443
Aero Servicio Corporativo S A De C V0SRV1415
Aero Sotravia0ASR197279
Aero Survey Ltd0IKM9387
Aero Taxi De Los Cabos S A De C V0TBO1355
Aero Tonala0TON1677
Aero Transporte S A ( Atsa )0AMP353
Aero Transportes Empresariales0EPL459
Aero Vilamoura0VMR11560
Aero Vision0AOV162228
Aero Vodochody0AOD3082
Aeroatlas S A0AQA3204
Aerobell Airlines0GAB774
Aerobona S A De C V0BOC1151
Aerocaribe De Honduras S De R L ( Honduras Air )0HAS1787
Aeroclub De Mallorca0MLL511
Aerocuahonte S A De C V0CUO308
Aerodienst Gmbh Nurnberg0ADN985347
Aerodynamics Ltd (UK)0ADL6145
Aerodynamics Malaga S L0DNC16288
Aeroejecutiva Nieto S A De C V0NIE1393
Aeroel Airways Ltd0ROL970
Aeroeste Srl0ROE287
Aeroflot Russian AirlinesSUAFL115793083
Aerogaucho S A0GAU392
Aerojet De Costa Rica S A0ARJ537
Aeroland S A0AEN270
Aerolimousine Ltd0LIN14991
Aerolinea de Antioquia0ANQ1783
Aerolineas ArgentinasARARG25632083
Aerolineas Centrales S A De C V0ALT955
Aerolineas Damojh0DMJ471875
Aerolineas Del Pacifico – Aeropacsa0RPC510789
Aerolineas Ejecutivas S A0LET372114
Aerolineas MASN3MAF547
Aerolineas Pacifico Atlantico S A ( Apair )0APP252
Aerolineas Santo Domingo S A0SDO5858
Aeromedica S A De C V0DIC323
Aeromet Servicios Ltda0ARS1377
Aeromexhaga S A De C V0AXH3395
Aeromexico Connect5DSLI22644948
Aeronautical Academy Of Europe – Academia Aeronautica De Evora S A0EVR1387
Aeronautical Charters0SUP40047
Aeronautical Radio Inc ( Arinc )XAXAA7341
Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd0AET100903
Aeronaves Del Noroeste0ENW28879
Aeronaves TSM0VTM383496
Aeronexus Corporate Pty Ltd0ARN25493
Aeropelican Air Services Pty Ltd0PEL32936
Aeropostal Alas de VenezuelaVHALV715739
Aeroregional Paraguaya S A0REP380
Aero-rey S A De C V0REY1078
Aeros Flight Training0AOS152809
Aeroservicios De La Costa S A De C V0TAA2832
Aerosud Charter0MDX21524
Aerosur Compania Boliviana De Transporte Aereo Privado S A0RSU1465
Aerotaxi Del Cabo S A De C V0CBO1211
Aerotaxi S R O0ITE116718
Aerotaxis De Aguascalientes S A De C V0GUA1179
Aero-Tech Services (USA)0TEK81769
Aerotecnica Jet Services0AJQ1780
Aerotours GmbH0ATU648
Aerotranscolombiana De Carga Ltda0TCO2519
Aerotransporte Petrolero Ltda0PET4901
Aerotransportes Corporativos S A De C V0CRP2439
Aerotucan S A De C V0RTU282
Aerotur-kz Airlines0RAI2303
Aerovallarta S A De C V0ALL12871
Aerovias Dap0DAP44055
Aerovip S A ( Air Class )0QCL14191
Aerovis Airlines Ltd0VIZ22000
Aerovitro S A De C V0VRO273
Aeroways Inc0TKK3031
Af-air International0FAN678
Africa Airways0AFF1644
Africa Charter Airlines0FSK11942
Africa One ( Zambia ) Ltd0AZL5210
African Airlines International Limited0AIK403
African Company AirlinesBUFPY480
African Express AirwaysXUAXK7180
African International Airways ( Pty ) Ltd0AIN328
African Medical And Research Foundation ( Amref )0FDS32501
African World AirlinesAWAFW290222
Afrijet Business ServicesJ7ABS334
Afriqiyah Airways8UAAW332726
Afrique Cargo Service Senegal0NFS5471
Agulhas 3600STE3819
AHS Air InterntionalXXAHS8579
Aigle AzurZIAAF3661676
Air 1ST Aviation0RUF83523
Air AlbaniaZBABN3758
Air AlgerieAHDAH7507070
Air Alliance Express Ag & Co Kg Burbach0AYY1235885
Air Alpha A/s0AHA7678
Air Alsie6IMMD1381839
Air Anatolia ( Anadolu Havacilik A S )0NTL697
Air AntwerpWPATW1734
Air ArabiaG9ABY22885026
Air Arabia Abu Dhabi0ADY349
Air Arabia EgyptE5RBG244022
Air Arabia Jordan9PJAD125340
Air Arabia Maroc3OMAC3265538
Air Archipels0RHL1047
Air ArmeniaQNARR3215
Air ArubaAGARU268080
Air Asia IndonesiaQZAWQ13690102
Air AstanaKCKZR11726023
Air Atlanta IcelandicCCABD385390
Air Atlantic Uruguay S A0AUM322
Air Aurora0AAI5029
Air AustralUUREU2115099
Air BalticBTBTI24338642
Air BelgiumKFABB2429
Air Bohemia0BOH194859
Air BotswanaBPBOT10728
Air Bucharest0BUR2284
Air Burkina2JVBW19351
Air BusanBXABL3670811
Air CairoSMMSC2352247
Air CaledonieTYTPC11160
Air CanadaACACA76077956
Air Canada RougeRVROU24268092
Air Caraibes AtlantiqueTXCAJ13567
Air Care Alliance ( Storrs Ct )0CMF212161
Air Cargo Carriers0SNC330740
Air Cargo GlobalCWCCC386276
Air Carnival0ACV760114
Air Cassai Lda0RCI251
Air Caucasus0CSG812
Air Center Helicopters0RAP1048
Air Central Asia0AAT263
Air Century S AY2CEY16775
Air Changan9HCGN1476557
Air Charity Network0NGF465538
Air Charter Scotland Europe Ltd (Malta)TZSCO7627324
Air Charter Scotland Ltd0EDC1227140
Air Chathams3CCVA492311
Air ChinaCACCA71395901
Air China CargoQYCAO2371189
Air China Inner Mongolia0CNM13983
Air Choice One3EWBR1113781
Air Choice One3EACO16534
Air Company ArmeniaRMNGT7010
Air Continental Africa0ACB840
Air Corporate0ACJ42906
Air CorsicaXKCCM1176848
Air CostaLBLEP1057206
Air Cote d IvoireHFVRE2444218
Air CreebecYNCRQ507878
Air Cruzal0CRJ212011
Air DoHDADO2362098
Air DolomitiENDLA2246045
Air et Compagnie0BLT507
Air EuropaUXAEA25679170
Air Foyle Ltd0UPA3946
Air FranceAFAFR99099952
Air Freight Nz Ltd0TFR614280
Air GabonGNAGN6421
Air Gemini Lda0GLL5916
Air Georgia0AGF31558
Air GeorgianZXGGN3897281
Air Ghana0GHN40848
Air Glaciers Sa0AGV49972
Air GreenlandGLGRL315108
Air GuilinGTCGH21233
Air Guyane Express3SGUY444894
Air HamburgHHAHO3952376
Air Hong KongLDAHK2330064
Air Horizont0HAT103050
Air IcelandNYFXI1873234
Air Illinois Inc ( Carbondale Il )0AIL2265
Air Incheon0AIH420
Air IndiaAIAIC64523192
Air India ExpressIXAXB8348416
Air India Regional9ILLR4364104
Air Inter Gabon0AIG3615
Air Intersalonika0NSK3864
Air Inuit3HAIE462582
Air ItalyIGISS3659669
Air ItalyI9AEY26791
Air Itm0MQT191467
Air Jamahiriya Company0LJA1815
Air JamaicaJMAJM1139
Air JapanNQAJX365285
Air Jetsul0AJU159617
Air KBZK7KBZ1394754
Air Key West0KWX38921
Air KiribatiIKAKL2781
Air Klaipeda0KLD2492
Air KoryoJSKOR93120
Air KyrgyzstanQHLYN20650
Air LabradorWJLAL85617
Air Leap0LPA3465
Air Leisure0ALD527973
Air Liaison (Canada)0VSL4369
Air Libya7QTLR917
Air Lift International Of Ghana Limited0ALE689
Air MacauNXAMU4931527
Air MadagascarMDMDG271320
Air MalawiQMAML941
Air MaltaKMAMC6837930
Air Management Group Cjsc0DXT677
Air ManasZMMBB579456
Air Mandalay6TAMY276318
Air Marine0MRY15124
Air Marshall Islands0CWM1373
Air Mauritanie0MRT9021
Air MauritiusMKMAU5390705
Air MediterraneanMVMAR20828
Air Minas Linhas Aereas Ltda0AMG938
Air Moldova9UMLD5195151
Air Montgomery0MTY18965
Air NamibiaSWNMB1062228
Air Navigation And Trading Co Ltd0ANB360
Air Nelson LtdNZRLK230750
Air Nevada Airlines Inc ( Las Vegas Nv )0ANV255
Air New ZealandNZANZ30389897
Air NiuginiPXANG841788
Air North4NANT340284
Air NostrumYWANE5982206
Air Nunavut0BFF85096
Air OnixOGONX2325
Air Panama7PPST53868
Air Parabat Ltd0PBT1350
Air Partners Corp0SDE2777
Air Peace (Nigeria)P4APK2025960
Air Philip3PAPV1301
Air Pink0PNK1321
Air Pohang0KAB2381
Air Rarotonga (Cook Islands)0RAR410
Air Resorts ( Carlsbad Ca )0ARZ26467
Air Segura0AIU1858
Air SenegalHCSZN16539
Air SeoulRSASV1699230
Air SerbiaJUASL8969076
Air Service Liege (Belgium)0BNJ5715
Air SeychellesHMSEY677751
Air Sinai4DASD41115
Air Solutions Llc ( Orlando Fl )0LKY93312
Air St PierrePJSPM176384
Air SunshineYIRSI100244
Air Sylhet Ag0SHR3394
Air TahitiVTVTA6193491
Air Tahiti NuiTNTHT1712759
Air TanzaniaTCATC44867
Air Taurus0AIT551
Air Taxi & Cargo0WAM1726
Air Taxi & Charter International S L0IBJ83117
Air Tetiaroa0TOA211360
Air Traffic Gmbh Dusseldorf0ATJ9567
Air TransatTSTSC13272898
Air Transport Association Of America ( Washington Dc )0ATA4891
Air Transport Inc ( El Paso Tx )0CYO137493
Air Transport International ( Little Rock Ar )8CATN1646167
Air Transport Ltd0EAT152542
Air Transse Co Ltd0TSQ339
Air TravelA6OTC9263
Air Travel Corp ( Worcester Ma )0ATH282
Air Ukraine InternationalPSAUI18958006
Air Urga0URG3510
Air VanuatuNFAVN214335
Air Via0VIM34296
Air Vista0AVR6098
Air Volta0VLB116767
Air Wings0BSB1312
Air WisconsinZWAWI5736231
Air X Charter Germany0AXG4938
Air X Charters0AXY17175
Air Xpress Inc ( Greensboro Nc )0ARX1804
Air Zermatt Ag0AZF4154
Air ZimbabweUMAZW158930
Air26 S A0DCD448
Airang Aviation (Bangladesh)0MGP3447
Air-angol Sociedad Aeronautica Lda0NGO1804
AirAsia IndiaI5IAD9823330
AirAsia JapanDJWAJ57942
AirAsia PhilippinesZ2APG145143
AirAsia XD7XAX15216763
Airborne ExpressGBABX5696334
AirBridgeCargo AirlinesRUABW8615628
Airbus Canada0ABK511
Airbus Industrie0AIB785754
Airbus Transport International4YBGA1047961
Aircompany Grodno0GRX35702
Aircraft Maintenance Company ( Amc Airlines )0AMV65818
Aircraft Management Group0RVJ7940
Aircruising Australia0AIX1063
Airest Cargo0AEG8034
Airfast IndonesiaFSAFE44568
Airfix Aviation Finland0FIX336
Airgo Flugservice Gmbh & Co Kg Mainz-finthen0XGO248813
Air-invest Ltd0HKH45679
Airlec Air Espace0ARL225565
Airlift A/S0ALI3464
Airline Operations Support & Aviation Consultant0ACG1249
Airlink Airways0HYR165283
Airlink Luftverkehrsgesellschaft M B H0JAR360963
Airmax Airlines Inc ( Wayzata Mn )0TNK6673
AirMed International0MEJ1102
AirNet Express0USC319719
Airpilot Escuela De Vuelo0FSM2658
Airplanes Holdings Ltd0AHH409
Airquest Aviation0RQT52970
Airservices Australia Flight Inspection Unit0ADA54050
AirSF Flight Service0XSN2178
Air-Spray 1967 Ltd0ASB607
Airstar Charter (USA)0OLV6180
AirSwift (Philippines)T6ATX328285
Air-taxi Europe Gmbh Braunschweig0TWG350419
Airvallee S P A -services Aeriens Du Val D aoste0RVL37383
Airwaves Airlink Limited0WLA4610
Airways Aviation Academy0AWY827
Airways Corporation Of New Zealand Limited0XFX24506
Airways Flight Training0DRM3620
Airways Flygutbildning0ATO350523
Airwing As0NWG132882
Airwork New Zealand0AWK6785
Aitheras Aviation Group0PXG3844
Al Jabeer0LJB341
Al Nasr Wings AirlinesNGNAD1238
Alajnihah For Air Transport0ANH605
Alante Air Charter (USA)0SVL7033
ALAS (Uruguay)YZALY4153
Alaska AirlinesASASA52837366
Alaska Central ExpressKOAER413375
Alaska Island Air0AAK369
Albanian AirlinesLVLBC2755
Albatros Aircraft0VLC14095
Albatros AirlinesG0GAL310
Albawings (Albania)2BAWT167389
Albertsons LLC0IDD393
Albinati Aeronautics Sa0LUC246208
Albinati Aviation0ULC501671
Alcon Servicios Aereos S A De C V0AOA352
Alexandria Airlines0KHH460
Alfa Air0AFA22526
Algeria – Air Force0KJD21413
Alieurope (Malta)0EUP414
Alitalia CitylinerCTCYL72397
ALK Airlines0VBB98546
Alkan Air Ltd0AKN2876
All Nippon AirwaysNHANA42150733
All Points Jet Co0ALP26704
Allegiant AirG4AAY22102982
Alliance Air Charter0TTX218841
Alliance AirlinesQQUTY1557427
Alliance Aviation Services0HWA1451
Alliance Express Rwanda0RWB698
Allied Air Limited4WAJK324521
Allied Command Europe ( Mobile Force )0ALF4237
ALM Antillean AirlinesLMALM59016
Almasria Universal AirlinesUJLMU238589
Almaty Aviation Ojsc0LMT742
Aloha Air CargoKHAAH168639
Alpine Aviation Inc ( Provo Ut )0AIP665764
Alqonquin Airlink0FSY113030
Alrosa Air Company6RDRU596039
Altius Aviation0STY1832
Altus Airlines ( Altus Ok )0AXS867
Amakusa Airlines Co LtdMZAHX41765
Amapola Flyg AbHPAPF2722998
AMC Aviation0AMQ365125
American Air Charter0GTW103067
American AirlinesAAAAL375743496
American Eagle AirlinesMQEGF95558
American Jet International Corp ( Houston Tx )0SCM188573
Ameristar Jet Charter7ZAJI168713
Amira Air0AXA1578
AmJet Executive0AMJ54712
Amr Services Corp ( Dallas Tx )0XAM2592
ANA WingsEHAKX8823
ANAP Business Jets0AJP593
Anda AirDMSSV102487
Andaman Aviation Services0ADM28656
Anderson Aviation0ADX3364
Andes Lineas AereasOYANS720535
Angara Airlines2GAGU293977
Antonov Design Bureau0ADB529552
Antrak Air Ghana0ABV429
Aperture Aviation0FSP167762
Apex Air Cargo ( Honolulu Hi )0APX350096
APG AirlinesGPRIV556
Apollo Air Services0EDY915
Apoyo Logistico Aereo S A De C V0APA255
Appalachian Flying Service Inc ( Blountville Tn )0APL919
Aquila Air Inc ( Endicott Ny )0CNH2407
Arab Wings Company0AWS95026
Arabasco Air Services0AAP2666
Aram Airline0IRW2263
Aravco Ltd0ARV1275
Arc En Ciel Aviation0JMS62500
Arca ColombiaZUAKC27174
Arctic Circle Air Service Inc ( Fairbanks Ak )0CIR9898
Arcus AirZEAZE660523
Arena Aviation0REN1270
Ariana Afghan AirlinesFGAFG473255
Arik Air LtdW3ARA1802986
Arizona Express Airlines ( Mesa Az )0TMP355
Arkia Israeli AirlinesIZAIZ1428457
Army Air Corps0AAC1046938
Arrendadora Y Transportadora Aerea S A De C V0END8367
Arrendamientos Aereos (Panama)0AAD160809
Arrow Aviation0HEZ1728
Art Avia0ATI74654
ART Aviation0OES105031
As Opened Joint Stock Company0AOO2921
Asa Pesada Lda0API1369
A-safar Air Services Limited0SFM2044
Ascension Air (USA)0ASZ357
Asia Aero Survey And Consulting Engineers Inc0KAA551
Asia Air Medical/Reignwood Asia Avn0ICU9832
Asia Airways0ASW285
Asia Atlantic AirlinesHBAAQ865536
Asia Continental Airlines0CID495
Asia Overnight Express CorporationOEAOT950
Asia Pacific AirlinesP9MGE21392
Asia Wings Jsc0AWA1920
Asian ExpressKVTXP13079
Asian Wings AirwaysYJAWM52669
Asiana AirlinesOZAAR35843561
Askari Aviation ( Pvt ) Ltd0AAS102888
ASL Airlines France5OFPO2368238
ASL Airlines Hungary0FAH467103
ASL Airlines IrelandAGABR5092822
Aspan Air (Kazakhstan)0AAN5221
Aspen Helicopters Inc ( Oxnard Ca )0AHF656
Assanad Aviation0KAK5454
Associated Aviation Limited0SCD279
ASTA Linhas AereasOAAMS6021
Astra AirlinesA2AZI511230
Astral Aviation8VACP144033
ATA AirlinesI3TBZ1498829
ATC CJSC (Armenia)0ARY24737
Atlanta Air Charter0CTE2203
Atlantic AirwaysRCFLI632707
Atlantic Coast Aero (USA)0BKS23598
Atlantic Express Airlines0JLM332
Atlantic Flight Training0WTL495
Atlantis European AirwaysTDLUR605
Atlas Air5YGTI11049337
Atlas Air Service0ATL13582
Atlas Cargo Lines0ACY493
Atlas Helicopters Ltd0TDT47183
Atlas Jet Joint-Stock Company0CGI15530
AtlasGlobal UkraineUHUJX447036
Atrak Airlines0ATR71981
Atran Cargo AirlinesV8VAS1357809
Ats Private Company0TCS156721
Atuneros Unidos De California S A De C V0UND315
Auckland Regional Rescue Helicopter Trust0WPR78152
Augusta Air Luftfahrtunternehmen Augsburg0AUF904
Aurigny Air ServicesGRAUR2791394
Aurora Airlines0URR959
Aurora Flight Sciences0AUU635
Austin Express Inc ( Austin Tx )0TXX527
Austral Linhas AereasAUAUT7093205
Australian Maritime Safety Authority ( Amsa )0RES10787
Austrian AirlinesOSAUA39838699
Avag Air Gmbh Fur Luftfahrt0MBA1005
Avangard Aviation0FBR2464
Avanti Air0ATV108989
AVB 20120VBA1125
Avcenter Inc0TTE58697
Avcon Jet0AOJ2476736
Avcon Jet Malta0VCJ263059
Avcon Jet San Marino0VAJ2451
Avcon Jet South Africa0AJJ4629
Ave ComP3PHW363
Averitt Air Charter Inc ( Nashville Tn )0VRT98103
Avex Air0AVE15136
Avex International0AIV18370
Avia Business Group0AUP385
Avia Traffic CompanyYKAVJ396283
Avia Trans Air Transport Co Ltd0VTT2064
Aviacon ZitotransZRAZS107778
Aviaexpress Aircompany0VXX332
Avialsa T-35 S L0AVS359
Avianca BrasilO6ONE35177565
Avianca CargoQTTPA4010554
Avianca Costa RicaLRLRC3046825
Avianca Ecuador2KGLG966864
Avianca El SalvadorTATAI8586683
Aviastar-Tu Airlines4BTUP521138
Aviation Aces0ACE3295
Aviation Adventures0AVL98282
Aviation Advisor Inc0LKF7081
Aviation Company Meridian0MMM302731
Aviation Data Systems Inc ( Orlando Fl )0FBW421
Aviation Defense Service0DEF25993
Aviation Horizons (Saudi Arabia)0HZS371
Aviation Legere De L armee De Terre0FMY285557
Aviation Management Corporation ( Lansing Il )0AAM4265
Aviation Ministry Of The Interior Of The Russian Federation0RIF2557
Aviator Airlines0AVV568
Avicon Aviation Consultants & Agents0AAA10081
Avient Air Zambia Limited0VNT515
Avient AviationZ3SMJ3121
Avion ExpressX9NVD17055
Aviones De Sonora S A0ADS1795
Avior Airlines C A9VROI1822239
Aviostart As Ltd0VSR120058
AviroAir Airlines(Romania)0AVW17159
Avstar Aviation Pty Ltd0VSA1076
Awesome Flight Services ( Pty ) Ltd0ASM1483
Ayeet Aviation & Tourism0AYT341
Azerbaijan AirlinesJ2AHY4893454
Azimut S A0AZT4251
Azimuth AirlinesA4AZO44386
Azman Air ServiceZQAZM5699
Azores AirlinesS4RZO2605931
Aztec Airways (USA)0AZY51381
Azul Linhas Aéreas BrasileirasADAZU65375871
Azur AirZFKTK8315221
Azur AirZFAZV2577
Azur Air UkraineQUUTN1464795
Azza Transport Co Ltd0AZZ883